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Mason Family Pet Hospital


Many pet owners are terrified by the thought of their pet undergoing anesthesia. We never want this fear and uncertainty to prevent pets from receiving the medical care they need and deserve.

Rest assured, at Mason Family Pet Hospital your pet will receive safe, comprehensive, advanced anesthesia care from our staff of caring doctors and registered veterinary technicians. Our doctors will tailor your pet’s surgery medications to the individual patient depending on their age, health concerns, temperament, and surgery itself. The goal of every surgical procedure is to improve your pet’s comfort, prevent health issues, and address problems safely. During and after your pet’s surgery, our experienced and attentive team of technicians will respond to all of your pet’s needs. If attention, a bathroom break, or a box to feel secure in will help your pet, we make it our priority. Additionally, we also offer free nail trims with any exam or anesthesia procedure.